What would YOU change about Your House + My Studio Renovation

2020 wasn’t the year any of us expected. In this moment there is no question that our lives (and more specifically, our homes) are forever changed by this event.

It’s likely that spending more time at your own home this year has given you new insight into your intimate and not-so-intimate (hello zoom backgrounds) spaces. So, I thought it would be interesting to start a discussion on how your perspective of home has changed during this pandemic.

If these walls could talk…

I’d love to know what design changes you would make to your home now that you are living through this unprecedented event (and raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing the word unprecedented?) Nothing about this year has been normal – but I’d like to reflect on how it has impacted life inside your four walls? 

Speaking of walls… to those of you living in an open concept home, maybe you’re tired of overhearing work calls and virtual school?  Would you give up an open layout for more divided rooms? 

Does your home already have a dedicated office? Did you have to share it with a spouse or kids? Would you add another office or turn that backyard she-shed into a home office instead?

In nearly all of the paint colour of the year launches, the word “sanctuary” seemed to be underscored in every launch. Did your home provide you comfort or serve as a constant reminder of what it was lacking?

Were you lucky enough to have an outdoor space to enjoy? Or, has it increased in priority for 2021? What other amenities are you thinking of adding at home?

Did your home have enough pantry space for stocking up on all that toilet paper and hand sanitizer? Or, did you have to reimagine your bulk storage areas?

Maybe, just maybe, you are feeling more grateful than ever for your house, now that you’ve developed a more intimate relationship with it? I’d love to hear from you too. What is working for you? What would you do again in another home post-pandemic?

How our homes will adapt post-pandemic

3 Common Themes:

Home Office / Remote Learning Space / Multi-Use Rooms are a necessity

Priority of Wellness and Hygiene / Focus on Entryways or Mudrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens

Bring Nature Inside / Priority of Outdoor Spaces and at-home Amenities (pools, movie rooms)

I also renovated the studio in my backyard so that it would be a much better and more functional space for video!

Styling Shelves for Zoom Calls

This is my new corner office:

I styled the shelf behind me specifically for Zoom calls:

This is Kelly’s desk. Waiting for her in the new year when she comes back from maternity leave:

This is where my rebounder currently sits when I’m not bouncing on it 🙂 (above)

This is the coffee & tea station:

I moved my living room rug in here, but it’s temporary. You can see I’m mildly obsessed with flowers!

I’m so happy to have a space to store all my large painted colour samples!

I still have a fabulous lamp coming that will replace the little one currently on the credenza. 

But now it’s a much better space for videos! 

Over to you my lovelies! Please let me know how you’ve changed or will change your home going forward:

Terreeia and I wish you a very Happy Holiday and a much better 2021! We’re all in this together! I so appreciate your love and support, this blog is what it is because of you!

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