Welcome The New Year By Renovating The Appearance Of The House Without Spending Money

Starting the year by changing the look of your home is a good way to ring in the new year. Renovating without spending money can be challenging, but certainly this 2021 is worth a try !

No matter how small, change generates movement and invites new things to happen. In addition, after an intense year in which you have lived your home more than ever, you want to say goodbye to 2020 and some furniture that you have probably finished a little fed up.

Welcome The New Year By Renovating The Appearance Of The House Without Spending Money

Who says finish, says renew, update, give it a new look or yes. Why not, finish. But if possible, sustainably by selling them.

Here are some tricks to ring in the new year by doing a home renovation without spending (much) money.

Start Renovating Without Spending Money : Tidy Up

You probably read a lot about Marie Kondo, her tips does work to tidy up the house (we recommend the Home Edit girls on Netflix too) and free ourselves, throw away, give away or donate the things that already they are not used at home.

A Handle Can Change The Look

The easiest way to update a piece of furniture that you no longer like is to change the handles. For example, changing the handles for these leather ones in different finishes.

Breathe New Life To Your Furniture with these easy DIY

Refresh your furniture with a coat of paint and forget about throwing it away. They can become the star piece of your home. The nostalgic are back in full color!

In addition to paint (better chalk paint), you can cover a piece of furniture with wallpaper.

Breathe New Life To Your Furniture with these easy DIY

Changing The Furniture Around

The distribution of furniture in an apartment does not have to be static. Especially if the apartment is already adding years. Moving the large pieces – the sofa, dining table and bed – transforms any room.

Who said that a sofa always has to be attached to the wall? You can move it so that its backrest acts as a zone separator. It can also be under or against a window.

And so that television does not condition your life (sorry, the distribution of the living room) we remind you that it does not always have to be hung on the wall. You can place the television on a cabinet with wheels so that it can be turned on two sides.

Changing The Furniture Around

Is the dining table now your office, and you only use it to eat twice a year? Better place it as a desk or console against a wall.

Changing the bed in the main bedroom is not always possible (it depends on where the door and the closet are). Do not be afraid to place it under the window (unless it is poorly insulated).

By the way, moving the bed in children’s bedrooms is usually easier, and they will also appreciate the change or “refreshment” of their rooms.

Swap Out The Furniture

For example, for the living room carpet if you have tired of it, move it to the master bedroom and on sale, launch one for the living room. If you can, put the dining table in the kitchen, even if it is against the wall and creates an important eating area in the kitchen.

The dresser at the entrance can act as a table on one side of the bed and pay attention to the mirrors.

Swap Out The Furniture

Check where the mirrors are located in the house and look for “good” places to place them. On a wall that receives a lot of light so that the mirror multiplies it, at the end of the hall to give it depth …

As for the pictures or prints they can also start the year in a different place, and we remind you that + and the kitchen are also perfect places to place them.

Shelves And Shelves

Often times, in the homes we design, the owners leave the shelves half empty or cluttered with ugly and dull items. Grab the most beautiful bowls you have, in addition to the books (if they are ugly, cover them with wrapping paper), add some black and white photos mounted on Plexiglass and complete with groups of monochrome vases. Alternate objects and books and avoid symmetries: you will see that your library will give you great satisfaction. Renovating without spending money can be very rewarding !

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