Studio home in warm grey

The warm grey color on the walls in this Swedish home soften up the look of this entire space. I love the way the white &Tradition Little Petra armchair*, the white linen curtains*, textiles and art prints pop out of this wall color. The large wooden bench opposite of the sofa adds an oportunity to display pretty objects, yet doesn’t make this side too heavy. This is a rather small living room after all. The large round mirror reflects the daylight coming from the living room and adds an extra source of light in the room.

The black vintage desk in the corner of the living room works wonderful together with the contrasting white bentwood chair and I absolutely love the brass details on this antique piece. 

The bedroom has been decorated in a warm palette as well with tints of beige, wood and a pop of nude pink in the pillow case on the bed.

Styled by Grey Deco for Kvarteret Makleri

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