SHOP IT | A Modern Interior in Warm Grey

Get the look of this warm grey modern interior space designed for clarity and strength.

It’s been years since grey has become one of the go-to shades in interior design and, apparently, its fame won’t be fading away any time soon. This classic neutral provides a sophisticated backdrop to just about any space, making it a good pick for both modern and traditional home settings. However, finding a perfect shade of grey can be a bit of a challenge.

Modern Grey furniture and decor for the new year

Our colour story for the month explores the rock-solid nature of grey, with an added touch of warmth to make it more cosy and uplifting. 

Similar to Pantone Ultimate Grey color of the year 2021, warm grey speaks of the endurance and timelessness of stone and ancient monuments. It delivers the much-needed message of resilience and patience that pay off.

Although it can (in some cases) come off as unemotional and detached, warm grey can also feel grounding and diplomatic. Supporting reason and calm, it creates a soothing environment for a troubled mind. Its subtle warmth promotes comfort and thoughtfulness and offers a good platform for introducing other, more cheerful, colours into the space (something many of us are craving these days).

How to Style a modern Interior with Grey furniture and decor

This mood board is all about contrasts and comfort to inspire you for a modern interior in warm grey. It combines sleek metallic elements with heavy textures and geometry with organic shapes. Think clean and simple lines that meet curves and rough edges. 

The entire concept is built upon expressive artisan pieces of contemporary furniture that communicate the values of the Art Deco, Scandinavian design and the ‘80s aesthetic. 

Light and loud. Pared-back and opulent. Minimalist and eclectic. Tight and relaxed. Streamlined and beautifully curved. Easy to keep clean, yet generous with details and rich finishes.

The opposites coming together in a harmony.

Hope you enjoy it.

|| Be inspired: How to Decorate with Grey – Pantone 2021


A Modern Interior in Grey

Warm Grey furniture and decor / Moodboard

Mood board made with SampleBoard software


A Modern Interior in Grey

Warm Grey furniture and decor / Shoplist

  1. Luna Chandelier, Gabriel Scott | approx 3700 euros
  2. Beige Graphics No1 poster, Desenio | approx 11 euros
  3. Abstract Oil Painting, Marble Wish | approx 200 euros
  4. Thin Shelf Double, Kin and Company | price upon request
  5. Pasteur Pedestal Table, Roche Bobois | price upon request
  6. Rolf Benz 515 Addit, Rolf Benz | price upon request
  7. Sculptures, Kristiina | price upon request
  8. TR Bulb Table/ Wall Lamp, Tim Rundle | approx 260 euros
  9. Grey Concrete Geometric Bowl, ZOA Concept | approx 25 euros
  10. Lazy Moon Coffee Table, Eric Schmitt | price upon request
  11. Duke Vase, Denholm Gazzette | approx 500 euros
  12. Gravel Rug, Rouse Home | approx 1200 euros
  13. Spider Zoe, Mebel | approx 4300 euros


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Bojana Bajac

Bojana is a Serbian design creative with a huge passion for visual storytelling. She is also brand ambassador at SampleBoard, a mood board building software for design professionals

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