Our Hamptons Beach Cabana-Tour + Refresh Plan

Years ago my husband came back from a short trip to Westhampton Beach with a brilliant idea. “I think we should join a beach club!” he joyfully proclaimed. “What?! No! Then people will actually see me in my bathing suit. No!” was my reaction. I was firm, I sound firm, right? Well…fast forward many years later, we are still at the same club he found that day on his joy ride to the beach. Ha!

In all fairness, I feel lucky we have our little cabana at the beach, it just took some time and a variety of coverups to get used to it. I’m a homebody and growing up with a pool, that’s my ideal summer scenario but the boys, my husband included have loved it. Jack was 2 and Shane 7 when we joined, so we have a ton of special memories from our summer escape.

Come on, I’ll show you around the cabana. We had a smaller unit before called a cabin, so this is slightly bigger. We have a shower, sitting area, bar, plenty of hidden storage to the right and even a television. It’s got everything we need. Outside the door we also have 4 lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans
Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans

We get full use of the beach and pool. It also has a nice upper deck, glance to the left you see the ocean and the right, the bay. Sunsets are the absolute best from here.

Ocean Resort Dune Road
Upper deck at the Ocean Resort Westhampton.
Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans

Last year we weren’t able to have guests because of Covid but typically it’s a nice place to bring family and friends.

Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans

Pictures from when my babies were small.

Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans
Beach Cabana Tour Hamptons
Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans
Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans
Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans

It hasn’t been refreshed in a while. I thought since we’re able to entertain this year, it would be a good time . I’m going to add a larger refrigerator, new art, some fun pillows, stripes and playful touches. Oh and removable wallpaper on the far wall.

Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans

Which wallpaper do you like? The bold botanical from Crate and Barrel above or the more subtle botanical below?

Beach Cabana Tour +Refresh Plans

You can shop the post below…

ocean Resort Westhampton

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Stay tuned! Have a happy day friends!

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