Give your drawers a facelift with a single product

As part of the changing table project, I decided I wanted to line the inside of the drawers, it makes it easy to clean and adds a classy look – the perfect combination! In another post we will look into some easy organizing hacks to keep the inside of your drawers easily accessible and neat looking.

For this project I wanted to use something I already had around the house, looking through my stuff I came across a marble vinyl roll I had bought for another project ages ago, I’ll probably blog about that another time. The roll was huge and I had tons of material left and it was perfect for the minimal look I was going for.

That’s how I came to the conclusion that my drawers needed to be lined with marble vinyl.

To be honest, the first time I worked with this material, I did not have the best experience, but I also learned from my mistakes, this time around it was a lot more easier and faster.

Here is how you can give your standard drawers a completely new look:

1. The first step is to prep your drawers, wipe down the insides of the drawers clean. A quick tip is to do this before you assemble the unit, my unit was already assembled so I had limited access within the drawers. prepping is key to a great final result. You can use a cleaning cloth or paper towels to do this.

2. Gather together the things you will need for this project:

4. Start by peeling the edges of the vinyl backing, but do not remove the backing all at once. Place the vinyl on the surface removing the backing little by little as you go, this helps with realigning the vinyl if you need to at any point.

Here is the final look.

Here’s a video that better explains the application process!

PS: This was shot back when Z was still making his way here, hence the big belly.
Would love to see pictures if you try this =) Enjoy!

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