Five 2020 Home Decor Trends We Love

pinterest graphic 2020 home decor trends

After visiting most of the furniture fairs it became obvious to me that fluid forms and curved organic shapes will set the tone for 2020 home decor trends that will last well into the decade. Apparently, people are tired of mid-century modern look and want more organic curves. However, many artists and craftsmen gain inspiration from the Art Deco period as well. We see geometry in art and wallpaper prints, tile patterns and mirrors. The Ombre effect has graduated from textiles and wall finishes. You can now pick up a whimsical ombre chandelier or a coffee table.

Let’s have a look at home design trends 2020 and beyond.

1. Curves and Fluid Forms for Sofas and Chairs

a collage of 2020 home decor trends images
Curved and organic shapes- one of the main 2020 home decor trends
a living room with trendy furniture
Fluid and curved forms

Certainly, this look is not for someone who lives in a two-bedroom apartment with kids and dogs. This doesn’t mean that you can’t gain inspiration from a beautiful composition of shapes and colors! Use a round rug instead of a rectangular one to create a separate island that anchors a round coffee table. Or attach a decorative thin tape to a simple white curtain and attach it in an arch.

Curvaceous sofas with smooth lines

collage of 4 curved sofas

4. Francis Sultana Victoire daybed; 1. Green curved sofa. 1st bids; 2. Goleta sofa by Anthropologie ; 3. Jacqui Sofa by Barrymore Furniture

Curvacious sofas and settees are pretty, feminine and glamorous. The style varies from an early Art Deco (4) to sleek and modern (2). Because the sharper the curve the more space you’ll need, be careful and consider it when you are thinking to buy. If your room is not so large a slight curve will work the best.

How to Place Curvaceous Sofas

The above image shows one of my favorite sofas made by Barrymore Furniture company. It is pretty and versatile. A subtle curve allows for many placements, both in a large or smaller room. It is perfect as two couches across or as a solo with chairs.

Two curved sofas across from each other

Two couches across from each other work well coupled with barrel back chairs or just by themselves. Also, you can place small stools or benches randomly.

One curved sofa and two chairs

a curved sofa and two chairs in a living room
Aria sofa at your Space Furniture

A single curved sofa is perfect by the window with a round coffee table and barrel-back chairs.

Curved barrel back chairs

curved back chairs
  1. Florence Broadhurst barrel chair at Candelabra 2. Bernhardt chair at Neiman Marcus; 3. Jackie swivel chair by Kim Salmella at One Kings Lane 4. Ether chair by Johnathan Adler

Since fluid forms of the couches made a brave comeback it goes without saying that barrel-back chairs are now seen everywhere.

How to decorate with a barrel-style chairs

When selecting curved back chairs keep in mind that the curvier the back the harder it is to place it in a room. That’s why I’d prefer chair #1 or #4 above to chairs #2 or #3.

a living room with a sofa and two chairs
Corbin chairs by Four Hands Furniture

Place curved back chairs across from each other. They will look better if there is a small side table between them. Create a visual space separation with an area rug. If you have only one barrel-back chair place it somewhat on the angle and have a wall unit or a bookcase behind it for a more grounded look.

2. Sleek and Exotic Light Color Wood Furniture

I predict that starting even before 2020 home design trends will be about an exploration of unexpected forms and materials working together.

sideboard in light wood
Lunas sideboard by Four Hands Furniture

For example, this curved sideboard above boasts a natural wood finish. Slim metal legs add lightness. A magnetic hardware is inside the cabinet instead of the usual pulls on the surface. The design glorifies a raw natural material reinterpreted within the realm of modern-day aesthetics.

a dining room setting
Lunas sideboard in a room setting

Lunas sideboard will work for many styles as it will make a dining room stand out.

an organic wood 2020 home design trend
Elena Hutch by Four Hands

elena hutch in the living room
Elena Hutch by Four Hands in the living room setting

Organic exotic wood, such as mango wood that is gently oil-rubbed coupled with other natural elements and fabrics are on the top of the modern decor list.

3. Art Deco Influence

On the other hand, if you ever liked Art Deco you’ll embrace its revival. Gold accents, sleek and elegant shapes, carved wood detailing and intricate geometry are taking center stage for the years to come.

Design: Dara Designs. Tile – Tile Bar

True to form, black and white flooring, angular shapes, geometric patterns, and gold accents point to Art Deco style. But because of the white walls, slim lines, and simple accents the room feels much lighter, fresher and more current.

a trendy sideboard in green and brown
Berlin Sideboard by Dooq Berlin

Check out the Berlin Sideboard created by Dooq. It represents a harmony between form and function with no hardware in view which emphasizes the workmanship and the details.

4. Ombre Effect for Furniture and Decor

Tired of the wood look and don’t want plastic for your home decor? How about choosing an ombre finish for your next coffee table or a light fixture?

a coffee table with gray and white
Sheridan Coffee Table by Four Hands furniture

Contrary to what you expect from a concrete look, the ombre effect of the finish makes this rounded industrial piece look soft and airy. The color of faded indigo adds the allure of the ocean. In addition, the coffee table is good for inside or outside.

a coffee table with ombre effect
Coffee Table by Four Hands furniture in a room setting

If you are not into ombre for the furniture how about introducing a splendid lighting object as a focal point?

I’m an admirer of Regina Andrews’s lighting design for a long time. The image of the painterly executed ombre effect of the chandelier is truly unexpected! I love the gradation of the blue from light to darker tones. It looks like jewelry.

5. Geometry in Art, Tiles, and Wallpaper

While curves take the center stage within 2020 home decor trends and movements geometric forms are here to stay as well. This is especially true for art, tile patterns, and wallpaper.

You don’t have to tile the whole bathroom if you don’t need to. Create a feature wall using dramatic geometric tiles in the image above.

art work over a sofa
Transponder by Alyson Khan at Four Hands Furniture

Another home design trend 2020 is to incorporate a bold art piece into your interior. It can be a strong geometric black and white canvas piece with splashes of bright colors. In this case, you won’t need to paint your walls any other color than white. Don’t be afraid to use zig-zags and geometric patterns with curves of the furniture. They always compliment each other.

Finally, if you decide on curved pieces and geometric details try not to overpower your space with exessive accents. Use one or two pillows instead of too many. Also, stick to solid colors instead of florals.

What are your favorite 2020 home decor trends?

Stay tuned for my next post on accents trends for the new decade.

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