2020 Christmas Tour

Here’s how I want to blog. I want to decorate my house, and then I want someone else to take all the pictures and edit them. Is that too much to ask? 🙂 I sure do love decorating for Christmas, and I love that cozy feeling, ya know? Sooo I had to share.

black green Christmas

Come on into my black and green Christmas office-otherwise known as my new classroom. Trust me when I tell you it doesn’t normally look like this. This office desk and leather chair are a perfect combo for the dark bookshelves.

black green Christmas
Christmas garland

I kept the colors very basic this year (shocker). Those colors bring me the most joy, and I guess that’s the point of them right? I found the garland at a consignment store for $12 a couple of years ago. I add some ribbon to it, and it completes the look!

black green Christmas garland
Christmas garland

I’m calling this the year of the candle. Apparently, they’re my favorite this year? This console table is a favorite to decorate because it immediately changes the look of the room!

Christmas tour
Christmas tour

My view from my kitchen. While I’m baking cookies, of course. Ha! I get asked about this mirror (similar) and my rug quite often! I love them both!

copper Christmas tree
Christmas decor candles
neutral Christmas tree

Because I’ve been home more (virtual teaching-yay), I had a little extra time to put up another Christmas tree. I put this flocked tree in my room, and I may never take it down! (That’s a lie.)

neutral flocked Christmas tree

The ornaments were all clearance from Kirkland’s last year, and the tree was purchased from At Home. I love the color combo!

flocked Christmas tree

Pretty sure it’s my favorite tree ever…and no one sees it but my husband and me. Go figure. 😉 I do have a couple more spaces to show, but these are our main areas. I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you’d like to see some more beautiful spaces, pleeeease go take a look at my friends’ houses too!

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